Best Natural Remedies During Pregnancy – Part 2

natural remedies during pregnancy 2

This is the second part of three posts on natural treatment for pregnancy symptoms.
In this post, I’ll focus on the side effects that are common during pregnancy and are related to the digestive system: constipation, gases, and hemorrhoids (piles).

We’re Having a Baby!

Pregnancy and with it the anticipation for the newborn that lasts about nine months is one of the most exciting periods in a woman and in her partner’s lives.

Along with the great excitement, from the moment the pink stripe appears on the home pregnancy test stick until the moment of birth, the woman’s body goes through some great changes.
These changes naturally affect the physiological and mental state of the woman and are accompanied by many side effects, which are common in this special period.

Constipation, gases, and hemorrhoids (piles) are some of the side effects that occur more or less commonly in many pregnant women.

Natural Treatment for Constipation During Pregnancy

foods that are good during pregnancy

Water and Fibers

Drink plenty of water (at least two liters a day) and in addition, eat plenty of dietary fiber.
It is recommended to consume 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber a day, which are found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole wheat bread, plums, and bran.


Avoid eating bananas – It will make constipation worse.


Grate a tomato and eat it. 

Beetroot and Artichokes

Beetroot and artichokes are also very effective in relieving constipation.

Home remedies

Olive Oil, Water, and Lemon

Mix about two tablespoons of olive oil in half a cup of warm water and juice squeezed from one fresh lemon.
Drink the mixture to satiety first thing in the morning. 
Together they soften the stool and help a normal bowel movement.

Flax Seeds

It is recommended to soak flax seeds in a glass of water overnight (when the glass is covered), and in the morning drink the water.

Potato Juice 

Boil and mash potatoes, strain them, and drink the extracted juice.

Massage and Sport

doing sports as treatment for pregnancy symptoms

Abdominal Massage

A gentle clockwise massage and gentle pressings on the colon area can help release gases and stimulate bowel function.


If you are not active or doing a any type of sport during pregnancy,
the chances of constipation during pregnancy may increase.
Walking, swimming and moderate exercise can help stimulate the bowels and therefore assist normal bowel activity.
You must consult with your doctor before doing any kind of sport during pregnancy!


Move your Body

being active is good treatment for pregnancy symptoms

Try to be active at least 30 minutes a day, in order to speed up the digestive system. 

Drink Water

Drinking a lot of water can also help with gas.
Aim for about 8-10 glasses of water a day. 


There is a link between gases during pregnancy and nutrition,
therefore it is important to avoid foods that can cause flatulence, such as cabbage, broccoli, and wheat. 

Dietary fiber, on the other hand, can help and alleviate flatulence during pregnancy, since their consumption allows fluids to enter the intestines and soften the stool. 

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress can increase the amount of air you swallow, thus increasing the amount of gas in the upper abdomen.
Try to reduce stress, breathe a lot, and do everything you can to try and relax.

Hemorrhoids (Piles)


drinking a lot of water as a treatment for pregnancy symptoms

Drink lots of water.
Pregnant women that drink adequately can prevent premature labor.
After birth, an adequate amount of water helps the body produce enough milk. 

Food- Rich in Fibers

Eat dietary fiber.
Stick to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, preferably not peeled since it turns out that:
Not only the vitamins but also the fiber is mostly found in the peel.

If you already suffer from the symptoms of hemorrhoids and / or rupture, it is recommended that you use a fiber supplement, which gives a stronger effect.
Note: when consuming a lot of fiber, it is even more important to drink enough water and consume a reasonable amount of natural fats.
Otherwise, the excess fiber may actually cause constipation, which exacerbates the condition.

Basic Routine- Tips to Prevent the Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy  

basic routine treatment for pregnancy symptoms
  • Avoid prolonged standing.
  • Make sure you exercise regularly to improve your blood circulation, with the doctor’s approval, of course.
  • When you need to use the toilet, do it at that moment and do not hold it in.
    Also, do not waste too much time sitting on the toilet, as this may put unnecessary pressure on the veins in the anus area.
  • While using the toilet, try to support your feet.
    In this way, you can try and influence the position of the rectum, and the passage of feces.
  • While sitting on the toilet, try not to press too much.
    If it does not come out easily, wait for next time

Reduce Pain 

  • Sit on an ice pack to reduce pain or discomfort
  • Use a damp cloth (cold water) to relieve the pain.
    Hold it gently against the hemorrhoids and do not rub.
  • Calm yourself with a cool bath or rinse the area, it may constrict the blood vessels and soothe.

Read the first part in this series of posts and learn about natural treatment for pregnancy symptoms such as:
Nausea, heartburn, and bitter taste in the mouth.

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