Best Natural Remedies During Pregnancy – Part 2

natural remedies during pregnancy 2

This is the second part of three posts on natural treatment for pregnancy symptoms.In this post, I’ll focus on the side effects that are common during pregnancy and are related to the digestive system: constipation, gases, and hemorrhoids (piles). We’re Having a Baby! Pregnancy and with it the anticipation for the newborn that lasts about …

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Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids (Piles)

natural remedies for hemorrhoids

What are Hemorrhoids You may be surprised, but we all have hemorrhoids.These are actually blood vessels that are located on the last part of the colon (lower rectum) and anus.They assist us, among other things, control our body wastes and know how to separate solids, liquids, and gases.So what is the problem and why do …

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