The Reiki Healing Power Within You

Just for today, do not be angry

Just for today, do not worry

Just for today, be grateful

Just for today, work hard

Just for today, be kind to others.

The Five Reiki Principles

In this post, I’ll explain what is Reiki and how to use it as a healing power

So What is Reiki?

The word Reiki consists of two words:

reiki healing power

Rei – the universal gift of life which, like sun rays, gives life to all beings. 
It is an all-embracing spiritual awareness.

Ki – life energy, also called Qi, the cosmic, universal energy, which is found in humans in flora and fauna.

Combine the two words and you’ll get: the universal life force(or energy).

The energy transmitted through Reiki is pure and good,
unconditioned healing power, love, and balance,
which causes, in the short-term, a sense of levitation and healing. 
and in the long-term, a consciousness change of patterns and processes.

The Reiki Practitioner as a Pipe for The Healing Power

A Reiki practitioner is a kind of conduit between the universal force and the patient.
The practitioner helps the patient to connect with his or her spiritual guides and receive messages from them.
However, The healing power is not the practitioner but the universal energy.

Deep meditation of the practitioner is necessary in order to connect with the universal forces.
The cleaner the tool or pipe of the practitioner, the more energy and healing power will be transferred.
Repeating these five principles and instilling them in the patient through therapy,
will provide him with balance, tranquility, and a good connection with his spiritual guides.


the reiki practitioner

The word chakra in Sanskrit (ancient Indian) is a light wheel.
Chakra is an energy that is located and circulates in the body in different areas.

There are seven central chakras in the body,
and 122 other secondary locations located in the joints, where bone touches bone and nerve centers.

During treatment, the practitioner goes through the energy centers,
each center according to the time required to reach the maximum balance.
Each energy center is influenced by different experiences we’ve had in our life.

Sometimes the same energy center, as a result of an unpleasant injury or experience, echoes, vibrates, or malfunctions, which affects the person’s behavior and potential.
With the help of the Reiki treatment, the same energy center will return to optimal balance and function.

Positive Thoughts

Repeating these five principles is a powerful work of consciousness.
In order to become a Reiki practitioner, one must go through 21 days of practice 
and in-depth work that includes working with symbols and the five principles, 
which results in a profound change of consciousness, balance, and healing.
To become a master, the practitioner goes through another 21 days of cleaning and embedding the symbols.

Reiki is a way of life. A Life of Love, Balance, Compassion and Positive Thinking.

Connection to the spiritual guides and to the healing power of Reiki.

reiki connecting to the healing power

When we are born, we have free access to our spiritual guides, 
In other words, those who guide us and help us make the choices that will bring us knowledge and development.

Over the years, especially in western society, we and the spiritual guides have become disconnected from each other. 
As a result, there’s a lack of knowledge of who and what we are and where we are going from here.
Similarly this disconnect can lead to sickness and anxiety due to the gap between who and what I am and what I can and want to be.

Connecting to the spiritual guides is understanding who and what we are and moreover, what our role is in the world.
Therefore, it balances, heals, and makes us happier and more complete. 

Distance Healing

In the first stage of the Reiki studies, you learn to take care of a person who is physically near you, within touching distance.
In addition, in the second stage, you learn to care for a person and send energy to him remotely,
by tuning in on his thoughts or through a picture of him.

Though the second stage treatment is shorter, lasts about 20 minutes, 
it proves itself in sending energy to even remote countries.

The Attunement to the Reiki Healing Power

Each stage of the Reiki studies involves an attunement.

The attunement is actually opening the blocked channels,
which allows a better connection to the guides, and also clears all the blockages that have accumulated over the years,
and by that letting the healing power of the reiki flow through.

Apprenticeship to the Reiki Master also opens the channel and connection to the ancient teachers.

Learn about the rediscovery of Reiki and about the first Reiki Master in this post.

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