Reiki: The Rediscover of The Universal Energy

Reiki universal energy

When we talk about the history of Reiki, we should know that the Reiki has always existed as it is the universal energy, 
but the formation of the Reiki system as it is known to us today is due to one person – 
Dr. Mikau Usui.

So How It All Started?

Dr. Usui was a professor and dean of a Christian university in Kyoto, Japan.
When his disciples asked him about the miraculous healing power with which Jesus and his disciples was gifted with, 
he decided to investigate the matter himself and set out on a journey to a sacred mountain called Mount Kurayama.

Towards the 21st day, he noticed a very strong light coming towards him and struck the center of his forehead.
There he decided to fast and meditate for 21 days. 

At first, he thought he was dead, 
but then he noticed millions of bubbles with rainbow colors that turned into glowing white light bubbles, each bubble containing a letter shape in a Sanskrit or a three-dimensional gold symbol.

Healing Through the Hands 

reiki universal energy

After experiencing this revelation, Dr. Mikau Usui ran excitedly down the mountain.
Being so excited, he fell and injured his toe.
He instinctively put his hands on the injured toe and immediately felt his hands warm and the wound healed.

Then, since he had not eaten for 21 days, he went to the inn and had a meal there.
Though eating normally is dangerous after such a long fast, nothing happened to him.  
The waitress who served him his meal at the time suffered from severe toothache.
Usui laid his hands on her face and the pain disappeared.

Then, when he returned to the convent, he saw that the abbot got sick while he was absent, 
but after several treatments, the abbot was cured. 
He has since continued with treatments and has seen that people have been cured of their illnesses as a result.
Over time, he met a man named Hashi, who became his successor and was awarded the title: First Reiki Master.

The Followers

After a while, a woman named Hawaiian Takata came to meet Hashi.
Takata suffered from tumors, gallbladder stones, and appendicitis.
Before the surgery, she heard the voice of her late husband telling her that surgery was not necessary. 
She consulted with the doctor if there was another way and he recommended her to Hashi’s Reiki Clinic.

Ms. Takata did as his advice and after only 4 months of treatment, she recovered from all her ailments.
At that time, Reiki studies were only a matter of men, 
but Ms. Takata insisted on learning the healing theory that saved her life, 
became a Reiki Master, returned to Hawaii, and set up clinics there, and the Reiki line spread to the world.

Connecting to The Reiki Universal Energy

the reiki symblos

During the Reiki session, the practitioner goes into deep meditation, 
connects to his or her spiritual guides and to the Reiki universal energy, 
and seeks help in transferring the energies the patient needs.

The patient lies and the practitioner performs a “scan” of his energy centers (chakras), 
giving each chakra the desired time and care to balance it.
Sometimes a particular energy center will ask for more time which completely normal.

Reiki energy treats all the energetic bodies the patient has (spiritual, celestial, causal, astral, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical) and brings it into balance.

During the Reiki session, I see the patient.
His energy centers send me messages, sentences, sometimes pictures,
which help me accurate the healing and the treatment.

The duration of a Reiki session is between 45 minutes and one hour.

Me and Reiki

reiki meditating

I first discovered Reiki in my early twenties.
I studied Reiki 1 + 2 at the “Synergy” college. 
The knowledge that opened up to me was huge.

I started every day with a beachside meditation and felt a strong connection to the universe.
And so, I volunteered on many social projects and treated friends.
I felt I had to learn the Master Reiki and pass the knowledge on.

I went to Rishikesh, in India and studied with a lovely german Reiki Master named Shanti.
After my mother’s death, I embarked on a healing journey in India, during which I reconnected with the Reiki energy.
I learned Reiki in all its stages, up to the Master, and even treated people in complex situations.

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