Make Your Own Natural Hand Sanitizer

As of today, the coronavirus is still here and one of the things it has brought with it is the constant use of alcohol gel.
In the following article, I will tell you about this gel, the dangers it brings with it,
and you’ll get the best  DIY recipes for natural and free of harmful ingredients hand sanitizer.

Is the Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Safe?

Alcohol gel contains synthetic chemicals that dehydrate our skin,
for example, carcinogens, that disrupt our immune system and hormonal system function.

These substances are cumulative damage that endangers our health and the health of our children,
who are more sensitive to hormonal disruptions,
and more likely to have allergies and other diseases that result from the weakening immune system.

Among the dangerous substances is Triclosan which increases the absorption of harmful substances like Bisphenol A, Paraben, and Phthalate.

The alcohol itself, and its high percentage has great antiseptic and preservative properties,
on the other hand,  it dries the skin and should be kept away from little children’s reach,
so it won’t get on their hands or into their mouth and cause alcohol poisoning. 

All the recipes you’ll find here do not contain alcohol,
And so the natural hand sanitizer doesn’t make the skin dry,
and you don’t need to keep away from little children.

Nonetheless, these recipes are for external use only :).

Natural DIY Recipes

DIY hand sanitizer

Before we’ll talk about the recipe I want to tell you about the properties of the Tea Tree essential oil, and why we use it here.

Tea Tree essential oil is made of the Australian tea tree is known for its nutritional values and powerful antiseptic properties that can kill bacteria and fungus which is normally very difficult to kill.

This essential oil contains an active ingredient called Terpinen-4-ol,
which has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect that will help you effectively fight fungal infections and various diseases.

1. Tea Tree, Hazelnut and Alovera Natural Hand Sanitizer

aloe vera gel


  • Bottle with splash pump
  • 10 drops of Tea tree essential oil 
  • 30 ml Hazelnut oil
  • 150 ml natural Alovera gel

Mix all the ingredients together, pour them to a suitable splash pump, and store in a cool and shaded place. 

2. Tea Tree, Lavender and Alovera Natural Hand Sanitizer

This recipe is essential oil’s based and doesn’t contain any alcohol.
Since it doesn’t contain any preservatives it has less shelf life,
and it’s good only for a month as long as it’s stored in a cool and dry place. 


  • 25-30 drops of Tea Tree essential oil
  • 9 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • 16 spoons of natural Alovera gel

Mix all the ingredients together and pour them to a proper bottle or jar.
It’s ok as long as it’s closed properly and stored in a cool and dry place.  

3. Tea Tree and Olive Oil

olive oil remedy

This recipe is water-based.


  • Bottle with splash pump
  • 10 drops of Tea tree essential oil
  • One teaspoon of liquid Castile soap (natural soap made from 100% olive oil)
  • 180 ml water (2/3 cup)
  • One teaspoon of vitamin E oil – this vitamin is antiaging, strengthening the immune system, antioxidant,  Protects skin from damage, relieves dryness, and other skin problems due to his conditioning properties. 
    In this recipe, we’ll use the Vitamin E also for its preservative properties. 

Mix all the ingredients together, pour them to a suitable splash pump,
and store in a cool and shaded place.

Natural remedies are always available and can improve our lives and loved ones, so why not?

Shir Gutman clinical herbalist, Aromatherapist and Natural pharmacist

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